Time In Cosmos: Deasure is derived from the Analemma phenomenon which is described as the pedestal of sundial, showing the declination of the sun and the equation of time for each day of the year. Deasure Wall Clock is analemmatic clock which stands for both artistic and scientific application, showing a figure 8 shape that abstractly demonstrates the declination of the sun from one side to another. 

The Figure 8 fabric resembles the shape of analemma diagram in addition to the infinite symbol. It shows an abstraction of the universe and the time it reveals as it expands infinitely while Loop Of The Sun exhibits the geometric behavioral patterns of the heavenly bodies in the universe and the time cone.
The Figure 8
Architectural Fabric 1
Loop Of The Sun
Architectural Fabric 2 
Deasure Wall Clock
 Product Design Wall Clock
Deasure Bags
Product Design Notebook and iPhone Cloth Bags
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